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Eye Allergy Treatment From Our Plano OptometristsEye Allergy Treatment From Our Plano Optometrists

At Eye Gallery, our Plano optometrists provide treatment for any number of eye conditions and diseases. One of the more common problems patients come into our office for is that of eye allergies. Unfortunately, eye allergies are very common and can occur at any age. The good news is that we provide a wide range of treatment options to help you find relief from your allergy symptoms throughout the year.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Eye Allergies

There are many potential causes of eye allergies. For some, environmental factors such as high pollen and even dust can lead to allergy symptoms. However, some people also have allergies to certain scents and perfumes. In some cases, eye allergies are seasonal, so you may only notice symptoms during certain times of the year.

Regardless of your specific eye allergies, the symptoms are typically similar among patients. For many, a burning or itching sensation is the most troublesome symptom. In turn, this itching can cause people to rub their eyes, which usually just makes the problem worse and leads to redness of the eyes as well. Some people may also experience inflammation around the eyes (puffy eyes) and excessive tear production. When symptoms are severe enough, temporary blurriness of vision may also result.

Treatment Options for Eye Allergies

If you're suffering from any symptoms of eye allergies, we highly recommend seeing our optometry team for an exam and evaluation. Our goal is to determine the specific cause of your allergies so we can come up with a custom-tailored treatment plan to suit your lifestyle.

There are numerous treatment options available to you that may help you find relief from your eye allergy symptoms. For starters, if it is determined that your allergies are caused by pollen or another airborne particle, an allergist may provide you with an anti-histamine or other allergy medication to help you avoid symptoms. For specific relief from eye allergy symptoms, we can also prescribe medicated eye drops that you apply directly to the eyes either before or during an allergic reaction. These medicated drops have stronger medicine than the drops you'd find at your local pharmacy or grocery store, so we recommend giving these a try even if you haven't had luck with eye drops in the past.

It's also worth noting that certain medications can cause an allergic reaction, so if we sense that your eye allergies are being aggravated by a medication you're taking, we may recommend speaking with your doctor about changing your medication or, depending on your needs, going off the medication altogether.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Plano Optometry Team

Eye allergies can be a major inconvenience, but the good news is that our Plano optometry team can help. Schedule your appointment with Eye Gallery today by giving us a call at 972-519-0006. We'd also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our practice and our eye care services offered.

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