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Posted on 04-03-2018

Common Childhood Vision Problems Corrected by a Plano, TX Optometrist

An infant's eyes start developing more rapidly between 11 and 16 weeks of age. Although issues with the eyes may be present at birth, most vision problems in children don't develop until 18 weeks to four years of age. At the Eye Gallery, serving Plano, TX and the surrounding area, our optometrist treats children who suffer from a wide range of vision impairments such as lazy eye.

Boy struggling with his eye sight while doing homework.


Myopia, more commonly referred to as nearsightedness, occurs when a child isn't able to see objects in the distance as clear as nearby objects. The eye focuses light from distant objects before it can reach the retina, which results in objects in the distance appearing blurry. Children who suffer from severe cases of myopia may experience lazy eye. If you notice your child is squinting or getting closer to items to see them, it's oftentimes an indication of myopia. Your kid's teacher may notice he or she has to sit close to the board to see during class. 


Strabismus describes a misalignment in the eyes. One eye may turn inward, upward, downward or outward. It's possible both eyes will turn. The condition can occur at any time from newborn to adulthood. Its possible strabismus in children will result in lazy eye. In some cases, it may cause the child to develop lazy eye or permanent vision loss. An optometrist will treat strabismus in a child using prisms, eyeglasses or an eye patch. Further treatment may be needed such as surgery. Our optometrist will refer you to a surgeon who specializes in the surgery if this is the case.  


Amblyopia is a common issue in children. Also known as lazy eye, the condition occurs when there is reduced vision in one eye that causes a misalignment in the eyes, a pediatric cataract or a refractive error. If you notice one eye wanders, doesn't follow objects or your child closes or squints one eye, it's important to have your child's eyes examined.

Schedule your child for an exam before he or she starts school to check for any vision impairments such as lazy eye since it's not always evident without an exam. Treatment may include glasses, an eye patch or eye drops that reduce vision in the good eye to strengthen the weak one. 

Visit Our Optometrist in Plano, TX

To have your child's eyes checked for these problems or any other issue that could affect your child's vision or eye health, contact the Eye Gallery, serving Plano, TX and the surrounding area, by calling 972-519-0006. 

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